• Joel or Joely
    Joel or Joely Worker

    Joel works on and off with Handy Hame whilst studying environmental science. Joel is a true green thumb who likes getting his hands dirty and working outside. Joel is music lover and travels the world when he can!

  • Hamish or Hame
    Hamish or Hame Owner

    Hame loves working outdoors in the elements. Hame enjoys taking on all tasks big or small and prides himself on leading by example. When not working he loves to spend time with his family and friends and going to the footy.

  • Patrick or Scooz
    Patrick or Scooz Worker

    Pat is an enthusiastic hard working young man. When not working Pat is part of two incredible bands (rock & punk) and enjoys fishing.

  • Alec or Al
    Alec or Al Worker

    Al is one of the first workers at Handy Hame who is as eager as they come. Al takes pride in every task he is assigned. When not working Al enjoys video games and watching movies.